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September 23, 2011

A Take Five Cafe Playlist

There are some things that just work as a pair. Peanut butter and jelly. Romeo and Juliet. Music and Coffee. We’re entering an uncharted domain for us at Take Five Café. What’s in the works? A custom Take Five Café playlist.

At Take Five Café, we’re taking our cues from the legendary Dave Brubeck, a jazz pianist who is well known for his ‘Take Five’ piece, often penned as a jazz classic. Though we won’t feature only Dave Brubeck, we’re using him as a starting point. We’re compiling our own playlist that you’ll be able to feast your ears upon as you sit back at your local Take Five Café and enjoy some quality coffee.

We’d love your input. If there’s a must have song that pairs with your double espresso, let us know! Tweet us @TakeFiveCafe or leave us a note on our Facebook Wall

For more on Dave Brubeck, check out his Take Five piece here

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September 16, 2011

Coffee as an Art – Our Medium Roast

Like any art form, creativity comes first. There is something magical when a painter chooses just the right colours to create a masterpiece, or when an author plucks just the right words out of the many thousand options. So too, a coffee roaster must select just the right beans to create just the right flavor profile.

Our medium roast coffee is no exception. Our medium roast coffee is made from premium beans from around the world, particularly Kenya, Honduras, Colombia and Costa Rica. We focus on a distinct flavor profile with our medium roast coffee; it has a nutty aroma, with hints of floral notes and subtle sweet tones. All this is possible by only using the finest beans.

Co-founder Steve Punzo makes it clear – he starts his day with a cup of our Take Five Café Medium Roast. What do you taste in a cup of our medium roast? Better yet, how do you start your day?

Find out more about our medium roast, directly from Steve by watching our Medium Roast Video Profile

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September 9, 2011

A Coffee a day keeps Alzheimer’s away?

University students pulling all-nighters are well aware of the almost magical affect a cup of coffee can have on helping their brain stay sharp, focused and awake.  But a good cup of coffee does more than just save your term paper; it can help stave off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in later years.

Studies have shown that drinking one cup of coffee a day delivers the body enough caffeine to help ward off high cholesterol that scientists have linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Eating a diet high in bad cholesterol leads to the blood-brain barrier that protects the central nervous system to leak, leaving the nervous system susceptible to diseases.  However, caffeine blocks the disruptive effects of high cholesterol, protecting the blood-brain barrier from damage, which in turn lowers the amount of memory loss when aging and the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

So if you want to keep your mind sharp throughout your life, reach for a cup of coffee.  Some studies suggest one cup a day is enough to reap the benefits of caffeine; others encourage sipping six cups a day.  Whatever amount you choose, Take Five Café has many different options to explore.  Isn’t it nice to have an indulgence that tastes amazing and is good for you too?

More on coffee and the brain:

Science Daily – Coffee may protect against dementia

Medical News Today – Coffee and Alzheimer’s

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