Antioxidants in Disguise!

Have that stuffy, coughing, aching feeling?…

Then we have a tea for you! Our new Elixo Tea is made with stone ground rooibos tea leaves, ginger, citrus, all natural honey crystals + cayenne pepper.  It also includes camu camu berries, an Amazonian fruit with very high levels of all natural Vitamin C. The antioxidants in Elixo helps fight colds while the ginger + citrus are known to boost energy…. cayenne pepper adds to the flavour but is also great for clearing sinuses! But with so many great medicinal properties, does Elixo Tea taste good?!

Elixo Tea is surprisingly delicious! The citrus base adds a bit of tartness while the sweetness from the honey crystals keeps the bitter away! The cayenne pepper is not over powering, but does add a peppery bite at the finish. Combined with a hint of ginger, the flavour will rev up the palate + energize your senses.  This tasty tea truly is a cup of antioxidants in disguise!

Visit us at Take Five Cafe + experience the tasty health benefits of Elixo Tea!

Elixo Tea Pic

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