Bean Travelling Lately?

Have you ever sat down with a steaming mug of coffee and pondered the extensive journey the coffee bean has made before it finally arrives in your cup? No? You’re not alone. People’s thoughts about food and drink usually stay focused on taste and price. (And if you’re sipping on a Latte from Take Five Café, it’s understandable that the only thought going through your head is ‘mmmmmmm’). However, your daily coffee ritual has an interesting story, one that spans continents, oceans, and countries….

The story begins high in the mountains of Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica and Brazil, as the best quality of coffee is grown high above sea level in warm, tropical climates. Coffee trees are carefully maintained on a plantation and can be harvested every 9-10 months.

Harvesting the coffee cherries (did you know the ‘beans’ are actually cherry seeds?) requires a lot of time and manual labour. After the cherries are picked at the peak of their ripeness, the beans need to be separated from the cherry flesh, then washed and dried.

At this point the ‘green’ coffee beans are shipped to roasting facilities. They are transported the same way they have been for centuries-by ship. After the ocean voyage the coffee is roasted; the process which gives your favorite blend its unique taste and aroma.

The coffee is then carefully packaged to ensure it stays fresh before it is transported to your local store or coffee shop where you both finally meet.

So next time you’re savoring a sip of your choice blend, remember, the journey of a thousand beans ends with a single sip!

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