Cool Coffee Houses

Would you like some history with your coffee?  Historically, coffee houses have been a space where business, politics and social life could be conducted.  The stimulating affects coffee has on one’s brain is evident in these historically significant cafes…

1) Lloyd’s of London: Lloyd’s began as a coffee house in England in 1688 and is now the largest insurance market in the world.

2) Caffe Florian: this Venetian café in the Piazza San Marco is Europe’s most famous coffee house.  It opened its doors in 1720 and is still open today.

3) The Green Dragon: it may sound like something out of the Lord of the Rings, but this Boston coffee house is where the Boston Tea Party was planned in 1773.

4) Wall Street Roots: the Bank of New York and the New York Stock Exchange both started as coffee houses on what is today known as Wall Street.

5) Starbucks’ Pike Place Market location: Opened in Seattle in 1971, this location was the starting point for the incredible growth of coffee culture in North America.

We’re proud that coffee has played such an integral role in history. Do you have a coffee story you’d like to share? Favourite coffee house? Local artist performance along with your cappuccino? We’d love to hear.

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