Fair Trade and Proud of it!

Like shopping locally or eating organically, people are aware that drinking fair trade coffee is a socially responsible consumption decision. Yet, while the majority of people know that ‘fair trade’ is the ethical way to go, the exact meaning of the term is not always understood.

Coffee can only grow in specific conditions, and many of the best growing regions in the world are located in developing countries where the coffee crop has enormous value to their economies. However, coffee is a notoriously difficult crop to cultivate, which means that coffee farmers are often at the mercy of both the extremely unpredictable climate and the equally volatile world market. The result is low prices for beans, and a perilous existence for farmers.

Fair Trade coffee takes some of the risk out of the trading process for coffee producers. Through Fair Trade, coffee growers are offered a minimum price for their beans that will hold even if the market price drops. Producers are also organized into co-operatives which they own and govern, allowing for democratic and local decision making. These measures allow for healthier working conditions, greater economic incentive for growers and sustainable production processes.

Take 5 Café is proud to serve Fair Trade coffee, certified by TransFair Canada. So while you’re sitting back and enjoying the delicious taste of your Oreo Frappino, you can also savor the fact that your coffee is supporting equitable farming practices half a world away. Who knew a cup of coffee could be so good?!

For more about Fair Trade coffee check out http://transfair.ca/en/products/coffee-0

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