Fall Flavours + Favourites

September is the month of the year that has people convinced it comes with a switch. One day you can be basking in the sunshine + the next you can be keeping cover in the rain. It seems the cold snap evolves overnight + the rains appear on cue. Beach visits are changed to mall visits as back to school supplies + fall clothes need to be purchased. And chilled treats are replaced with warm sips as we move towards Autumn.

Just as the switch of a new season is made, we find the beverage requests change too. We know as coffee drinkers you are very familiar with the espresso shots, lattes + Americanos…to name a few. So to keep you in the know, below is a re-cap of some of our not too obvious Fall favourites:

Our Salted Caramel Bourbon Latte is a delicious combination of custom roasted espresso, perfectly steamed milk,  infused bourbon, caramel + sea salt. We’ve spent time in our East Van kitchen crafting the perfect Bourbon infusion (we burned off the alcohol + kept all the flavour!) These all play together to give the delicious taste of a “spiked” coffee  making this fall latte a popular choice.

Stone Ground Teas. Made from stone ground black teas from India, our teas are blended with organic cane juice + other natural ingredients to produce amazing flavours! Our classic London Fog has bergamot + all natural vanilla, while our Authentic Chai includes spices like ground ginger, cinnamon, cloves + cardamom. Stone ground tea is different than traditional steeped teas – instead of soaking tea leaves in hot water + removing them, the tea leaves are ground into a fine powder + whisked into each beverage. When consumed, the body is able to absorb 10X the antioxidants + nutrients compared to steeped teas. Whether you are interested in more nutrients in your cup or just love the extra flavour of stone ground tea, we suggest you visit + try a cup of our Chai or London Fog Tea. A warm sipper on a cool day!

Elixo Tea is more than invigorating flavour – it has antioxidant benefits as well. Made with stone ground rooibos tea leaves, ginger, citrus, all natural honey crystals + cayenne pepper.  It also contains camu camu, an Amazonian fruit with very high levels of all natural Vitamin C. Elixo helps fight colds – the ginger + citrus are known to boost energy + cayenne pepper is great for clearing sinuses!  Combined with a hint of ginger, the flavour will rev up the palate + energize your senses. This tasty tea truly is a cup of antioxidants in disguise!

Come in + try one of our feature beverages or create your own with help from a barista. At Take Five Cafe, our drink menu is just the beginning… your preference is the end!


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