Halloween has Gone Hollywood!

Back in the day – how far back I won’t say,
Halloween was recognized just for the day.
Your entrance might sport a pumpkin or two,
children in costumes calling out “boo”.
The odd firecracker lit for a very small crowd –
back in the day, Halloween wasn’t this loud.
Now it’s evolved like a Hollywood show:
Webs + witches all propped in a row.
Skeletons haunt the houses like ghosts,
black birds are neatly stapled to posts,
spiders displayed in all shapes + size,
batteries make the odd prop to rise.
There are objects in windows + pirates galore,
scary heads propped on tables – much gore!
So much has changed that it’s funny to say,
what’s missing from all this Halloween display?
What don’t you see so much anymore?
A pumpkin all lit, by the front door!
What’s better? Who knows? Halloween is a treat –
a chance where fun + creativity meet.
If you can’t beat them, join them, is what they all say.
So we have, and made our own treat to display.
Visit + buy some Halloween fun, next time you are on your coffee run.
Our cookie is cute, with webbing so neat,
it is our take on a seasonal treat.
Happy Halloween!

Plate of Halloween Cookies

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