Everything you need to know about coffee

Before you order your coffee, we suggest you get to know it first. Watch Steve, our Sommelier, here. He’ll tell you how our coffee tastes—and recommend a flavour that suits your palate. Soon you’ll understand your Coffee Chemistry—just like our expert baristas.

Coffee Chemistry at Take Five

Our 100% Arabica coffees come from the finest micro-climates across the globe. Each bean is carefully examined for quality and consistency. Once selected, the beans come to Vancouver where they are roasted in small batches to achieve the taste profile that makes it a cup of Take Five coffee. The roasting plant is accredited by OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Agency), Transfair, Utz Certified/Certified Responsible, Rainforest Alliance, Smithsonian Bird Friendly and Swiss Water Processed. Plus the plant is taking steps to become Carbon Neutral.

All this effort is for one thing only—great flavours like these.

Espresso: We like the sweet milk chocolate flavour  balanced with a slight acidity and spiciness.

Decaf espresso: Our decaf espresso is balanced like our classic espresso but more flowery, with vanilla and caramel.

Dark roast: Dark roasting transform flavours, heightening some and removing others—there’s carbon in here, a real fire—and lots of body.

Medium roast: Lighter, brighter, very flowery, nutty even. Less body. But it’s not weaker than dark roast. The colour in the cup is just the same.


Espresso, Medium roast and Dark roast whole coffee beans are available in 1lb and 5lb bags. Decaf espresso is available in 1lb and 2lb bags.

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