Missing You a Latte

It has now been 6 weeks since most of our cafes found themselves in the position of closing their doors. That crazy week where all businesses hastily created literature for staff members to follow in order to keep sanitized + safe during the Covid-19 outbreak. Washing hands, disinfecting, removing tables, ensuring social distancing….well, you know the rest. No sooner did the signs get printed informing you of our extra measures + it was over. With so many working from home + many more without work, the streets quickly emptied. And with so much understandable fear in the air, there didn’t seem to be any other choice.

But still, we celebrate. We celebrate that our Brewery District location in New Westminster has remained open! Situated next to the Royal Columbian Hospital, they have been a haven for all medical staff + loyal locals who have been fortunate enough to still enjoy a cafe coffee! New owners Gary + Maria have been a wonderful support for staff at the hospital including donating complimentary gift cards. They have created a safe space for you to pick up your favourite caffeine kick + have gone the extra mile to now offer online order options for extra convenience. You can contact them through Instagram @takefivenewwest, reach out through Facebook, search for them on Google or send a text to 778.938.4122 where you will be provided with a link to the online menu. And to seal the deal, if you would like to enjoy our coffee in the comforts of your own home, they have 1lb coffee bags of fresh beans available for purchase. Whether you are an Abruzzo Medium lover or a Campania Dark roast fan, an addicted espresso sipper or have a preference for decaf, they have you covered!

And as celebrations go, the more the merrier! We have another to announce…

We are happy to report the recent re-opening of our Canaccord location at 609 Granville Street. Located in the heart of downtown, along the ever popular Granville strip, we encourage you to grab a coffee to go on your next break. Safety measures are in place, so you can be reassured as you grab your favourite caffeinated beverage. Baristas Julie + Soy are waiting for you!  In fact, Julie has perfected her wonderful latte art designs for you to enjoy. What’s better than a little art on that perfectly balanced espresso + creamy steamed milk . Curious?  You can view her masterpieces through Instagram @baristajulie.vancouver

With so many activities out there that you can’t do, grabbing a great cup of coffee is something that you can!

So while it’s not business as usual, there are tiny glimpses of hope. And we remind you that local businesses are our neighbours. They come in all shapes + sizes. They invest in our communities so let’s try + invest in them.

Gary, Maria, Julie + Soy hope to see you soon!

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