Need a Jump Start?

There was a time when muffins could be considered as wedges of cake in disguise! Once the basic batter was dissected + the sugary toppings with artificial flavours were exposed, what was really left was a delicious dessert. But things are changing….the understanding of nutrition is evolving + bakers all over are switching direction. That’s not to say that everyone doesn’t enjoy a piece of cake now + then and it certainly doesn’t mean that every muffin needs something to boast about, but it does mean that there are more certifiably healthier choices out there.

After receiving positive reviews from our loyal customers about a few of our healthier muffin options, our bakers have decided to add another addition to our muffin line. And in keeping with our mission of trying to offer something for every dietary need, this one happens to be gluten free! Meet the new Quick Start Gluten Free Muffin. It’s full of everything you need to get a jump on your day: gluten free oats, flax seeds, dates, chunks of rhubarb, blueberries + walnuts. With a little more to offer than your basic favourite, it is healthier, moist, insanely delicious + of course, gluten free!

Visit us for a try + while you’re here, consider one of our other fan favourites: Gluten Free Fruit + Nut, Morning Glory, Oat Bran, Sugar Free Fruit or Vegan Chocolate. While we can’t promise a solution for every dietary concern, we are trying to promise a little something for everyone…one bite at a time!

We hope to see you soon!

Happy Spring!

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