New Coffee Roast at Take Five Café:
El Salvador “Santa Teresa 1”

At Take Five Café, we’re always interested in coffee flavour profiles. They can be an intriguing combination of perfectly balanced savoury and sweet notes, tied together with a subtle spice finish. They can be slightly floral with hints of citrus, or dark and bold with strong undertones. So when we tried the El Salvador “Santa Teresa 1” we were immediately hooked.

The El Salvador “Santa Teresa 1” is grown at an elevation of 1,100 to 1,400 metres in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec growing region of El Salvador. It is a direct trade, specialty grade coffee fully washed, sun dried and roasted to a full flavour level. What really had us hooked, were the following characteristics:

Aroma: tropical fruit with hints of cinnamon and sage

Acidity: lively acidity

Body: good body

Flavour: honey and tropical fruit give way to a crisp and refreshing finish

You can find the El Salvador “Santa Teresa 1” at all nine Take Five Café locations. And with summer ‘officially’ arriving on June 21st next week, this coffee is the perfect pairing for a late afternoon patio session, filled with laughter, good conversation, and best friends.

Happy coffee drinking.

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