New Coffee Roasts at Take Five Café: Ethiopian Sidamo

As the New Year officially begins, we at Take Five Café are again focusing on one of our favourite things of all time  – amazing coffee.

As resolutions are made, new beginnings are started, and exciting plans for the upcoming year are made, we encourage each of you to take five for yourself and enjoy the moment. With the Ethiopian Sidamo, you can enjoy every moment paired with hints of honey sweetness and a chocolate finish.

The Ethiopian Sidamo is grown in Kefa, in Southern Ethiopia at an altitude of 1700 to 1850 meters above seal level. It is fully washed, sun dried, and roasted to an East Coast Light level and features the following characteristics:

Aroma: Sweet notes (honey) coupled with hints of fruit (peaches) and chocolate.

Acidity: Pronounced Acidity

Body: Good Body

Flavour: Citrus fruits and floral notes round nicely into a smooth and complex (chocolate essence) finish.

So as the New Year officially kicks off, we invite you to embark on another great year of coffee and food.

From all of us at Take Five Café, Happy New Year!

Here’s to a year of eating well and caffeinating often.


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