New Coffee Roasts at Take Five Café:
La Flor del Café + Finca Aquiares

At Take Five Café we’re pleased to introduce 2 new coffee roasts to help you Spring through the season!


Regions: Antigua
Countries of Origin: Guatemala
Roast Level: Dark Roast
Aroma: Slightly smoky notes with hints of cedar + dark chocolate
Acidity + Body: Nicely balanced
Flavour: Fruit + floral notes dominate this cup with a slight sweetness + dark chocolate finish


Countries of Origin: Costa Rica
Roast Level: Light Roast
Aroma: Honey with notes of spice + cinnamon
Acidity: Delicate
Body: Medium, well balanced
Flavour: Very sweet with notes of honey, brown sugar + cinnamon. Great balance and clean finish.

All our coffee beans are selected + roasted in small batches exclusively for Take Five Cafe. Coffee is roasted locally in a carbon-neutral facility in Delta, BC. This special “small batch” roasting process ensures a delicious taste profile you’re sure to enjoy.

If you love coffee as much as we do, come in for a visit and Take Five for yourself!

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