New Coffee Roasts at Take Five Café: Rocket Fuel

As the spring season is almost upon us, at Take Five Café we’re pleased to introduce a new coffee roast to help celebrate the soon-to-be sunny days.

We wanted to introduce something a bit different, a very dark roast coffee that really resonates with an earthy and smoky undertone. After some careful (and enjoyable) taste tests, we’ve decided our newest coffee roast will be Rocket Fuel.

Rocket Fuel originates from Guatemala, Sumatra and Peru and is grown in the Antigua, Aceh and Urubamba regions. It is fully washed, sun-dried and is grown at an altitude of 3,500 to 7,500 feet above sea level and features the following flavour characteristics:

Aroma: Pungent with smoky/ashy earth tones

Acidity + Body: Good acidity, heavy body

Flavour: Very rich with dominant volcanic/earth tones throughout yet finishes smooth with a lingering roasty presence.

So this Spring, when you need a change of pace and something comforting to start your morning right, stop by anyone of our locations and grab a fresh cup of Rocket Fuel. It’s bound to ‘launch’ your day just right (yes, pun intended).  Happy Coffee Drinking.

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