New Year, New You!

How about a compromise instead….
The New Year seems to be the time people choose to turn a new page. Most look at January as the start of positive changes + the end to bad habits. We put high expectations on ourselves which is further enhanced with the repeated tag line: New Year, New You. The question is, are we setting ourselves up to fail?

Change is a process. Most unhealthy habits took years to develop, so it only makes sense that they take time to break. It is hard to maintain new routines if they are very different than what has been the norm in everyday life. And besides….what is wrong with the old you!?  We think you should focus on tiny steps + compromise instead.  Perhaps eat healthy during the week, but allow a small treat on the weekend. Or commit to the gym a few times each month but park further away from your destination to squeeze in some extra walks everyday. Being too rigid in your goals is a sure way to help foil your resolutions + besides, don’t we all deserve a break now + then?

No matter your approach to obtaining your goals, we have something waiting for you.  Whether it be the five servings of fruit + veggies in our Fruit + Veggie Smoothies, or the decadent chocolate in our Classic + Toasted Coconut Hot Chocolates, the decision is yours! And if you decide to grab a smoothie during the week + a specialty hot chocolate on the weekends, we won’t tell!

Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy New Year full of adventure, successful resolutions + compromise!

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