Nothing Wrong with Plain Jane

In this day of hectic existence, more of us find ourselves turning to the instant meal. The air tight, saran sealed sandwich. The boxes of pre prepped food – just add water, just add veggies, just add chicken, just add….2 minutes of your time!

But what else are we serving at the dinner table when we go for that quick + speedy meal? Have you ever read the ingredient list? Can you pronounce those words on the package? If they were itemized on a menu would you chose them? Do you even know what they mean?….

So isn’t it nice to know that there are still places you can grab a quick, nutritional breakfast or lunch without the fancy additives to extend shelf life. Our chicken, turkey + beef are slow roasted in our ovens. Fruit is cut fresh. Granola is made from scratch. All baked goods are made with fresh locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. We do not add butylated hydroxyanisole to make our baked items last longer. At Take Five Café you get homemade items with homemade taste.

In our Take Five World, sometimes being a Plain Jane is a compliment

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