Perfect Picnic Planning

If you’ve ever planned a picnic you know that things can quickly get out of hand….A simple lunch can easily escalate. It’s the options that get in the way. You bring blankets AND chairs to provide a choice for seating. A simple deck of cards isn’t enough so your bring badminton + Frisbees so the family can pick + choose. Weather considerations get in the way, so sweaters, hats, sunscreens are added…..with a bottle of bug repellent, an umbrella and a tarp…just in case. And then there’s the food! Catering to every family member’s favourites – the different types of panini…one wants white bread and the other whole wheat. Your youngest prefers berries, while the others like melon. Some desserts just don’t travel well, while others need a fridge – so here come the coolers, the ice bags and the BBQ? Napkins, + more, are you tired yet?

It’s time to simplify. Grab a blanket and stop into your nearest Take Five Café. We have an assortment of wraps + panini on all kinds of breads. Salads are crisp, washed + ready! Our fruit cups have something in them for everyone; the desserts are sold as singles so every family member has a choice! There are lots of beverages to choose from + coffee concoctions can be taken to go! At Take Five Café we have everything you need for a stress free picnic – except the blanket! Find your nearest Take Five Café and enjoy dining al fresco today.

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