Pink Cupcakes for Pink Shirt Day

For the fourth consecutive year, Take Five Café is pleased to announce we’ll be supporting the amazing Pink Shirt Day campaign once again.

This is an incredible campaign that was started by two Nova Scotia teens who distributed pink shirts at their school to take a stand against bullies who were picking on a young boy who wore a pink shirt. The concept has gained traction and has become synonymous to standing up against all forms of bullying.

This year, for the entire month of February, Pink Cupcakes will be on sale at all Take Five Café locations with all proceeds donated to the CKNW Orphans’ Fund in support of Pink Shirt Day to end bullying.

Photo credit goes with thanks to Miss 604.

So if you need a sweet treat or your office is catering lunch, add a pink cupcake and know that you’re supporting an inspiring cause. Don’t forget we deliver as well. Contact our Catering Department to arrange deliveries or order online starting February 1st.

And take a stand and take part. Commit to wearing pink on February 27th 2013. All our Take Five Café staff will be wearing the official Pink Shirt Day t-shirt. Let’s all commit to a Bully Free Life.

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