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October 20, 2015

Halloween has Gone Hollywood!

Back in the day – how far back I won’t say,
Halloween was recognized just for the day.
Your entrance might sport a pumpkin or two,
children in costumes calling out “boo”.
The odd firecracker lit for a very small crowd –
back in the day, Halloween wasn’t this loud.
Now it’s evolved like a Hollywood show:
Webs + witches all propped in a row.
Skeletons haunt the houses like ghosts,
black birds are neatly stapled to posts,
spiders displayed in all shapes + size,
batteries make the odd prop to rise.
There are objects in windows + pirates galore,
scary heads propped on tables – much gore!
So much has changed that it’s funny to say,
what’s missing from all this Halloween display?
What don’t you see so much anymore?
A pumpkin all lit, by the front door!
What’s better? Who knows? Halloween is a treat –
a chance where fun + creativity meet.
If you can’t beat them, join them, is what they all say.
So we have, and made our own treat to display.
Visit + buy some Halloween fun, next time you are on your coffee run.
Our cookie is cute, with webbing so neat,
it is our take on a seasonal treat.
Happy Halloween!

Plate of Halloween Cookies

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October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween

This month is all about extra chocolate + pumpkins that were made to be jack o’ lanterns. It’s about wearing creative costumes to become something new + more importantly, it’s about trick or treating!

Over the years, Trick or Treating has evolved. No longer is it just a neighborhood experience…it’s also fast becoming a popular event everywhere! If you’re looking for a safe, bright, dry Trick or Treating experience, head down to Richmond Centre Mall. On Friday, October 31st there will be mall-wide trick or treating for 1 hour. Of course, you should also visit our Take Five Café in Richmond Centre first to pick up something warm to help you keep up with the kids. We suggest a Salted Caramel Bourbon Latte. After all, the kids shouldn’t be the only ones enjoying a treat this Halloween!

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October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from Take Five Cafe

Today is the day for extra chocolate and trick-or-treating. To celebrate pumpkins that were made to be jack o’ lanterns. And to put on your most creative costumes and become something new.

In our Take Five Café world we’ve used all our creative juices to come up with a signature fall drink…and take our word for it, there’s nothing ‘trick’ about it. It’s all treat.

Introducing our new Salted Caramel Bourbon Latte

It’s true. We’ve taken our classic latte with custom roasted espresso and perfectly steamed milk and added the most amazing of flavours. We’ve spent some time in our East Van kitchen crafting the perfect Bourbon infusion (don’t worry – we haven’t actually spiked your latte). We’ve burned off the alcohol, but the result is that perfect Bourbon flavour that pairs so very well with a bit of caramel and sea salt.

This drink is a limited edition fall favourite. It won’t be around forever. So come on by any of our locations to try something new.

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