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February 10, 2012

Take Five Café Playlist Part Three

As Friday afternoon continues to progress at a snail’s pace, we’re happy to introduce the third installment of our Take Five Café playlist. Continuing from Part One and Part Two, we’re adding ‘just a little bit more Italian’. (more…)

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September 16, 2011

Coffee as an Art – Our Medium Roast

Like any art form, creativity comes first. There is something magical when a painter chooses just the right colours to create a masterpiece, or when an author plucks just the right words out of the many thousand options. So too, a coffee roaster must select just the right beans to create just the right flavor profile.

Our medium roast coffee is no exception. Our medium roast coffee is made from premium beans from around the world, particularly Kenya, Honduras, Colombia and Costa Rica. We focus on a distinct flavor profile with our medium roast coffee; it has a nutty aroma, with hints of floral notes and subtle sweet tones. All this is possible by only using the finest beans.

Co-founder Steve Punzo makes it clear – he starts his day with a cup of our Take Five Café Medium Roast. What do you taste in a cup of our medium roast? Better yet, how do you start your day?

Find out more about our medium roast, directly from Steve by watching our Medium Roast Video Profile

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