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March 18, 2016

Eggstra Company over the Easter Holiday?

We know you love them….the family + friends that come visit during holidays. But are you prepared for them? After prepping the guest room, buying the groceries + making the space, did you find time to bake? There is nothing more welcoming than a plate full of goodies – or as the Easter Bunny prefers:  a basket!  We have oodles of tantalizing desserts + squares that are available by the piece+ they are so big, they are easy to share! Some of our favourites include… (more…)

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December 8, 2015

Take Five Cafe 2015 Holiday Hours

We understand that holiday shopping can be tiresome. Pajamas for Grandma; a new camera for Dad; a teddy bear for baby and light up antlers for the puppy. Whatever your holiday wish list looks like, one thing won’t be hard to find: your Take Five Café coffee. We’ve got you covered when you crave an egg nog latte or need a peppermint chocolate pick me up. Check out our holiday hours for all store locations below.

Pacific Centre
Christmas Eve: 6:00am – 5:00pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: 6:00am – 9:00pm (more…)

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October 20, 2015

Halloween has Gone Hollywood!

Back in the day – how far back I won’t say,
Halloween was recognized just for the day.
Your entrance might sport a pumpkin or two,
children in costumes calling out “boo”.
The odd firecracker lit for a very small crowd –
back in the day, Halloween wasn’t this loud.
Now it’s evolved like a Hollywood show:
Webs + witches all propped in a row.
Skeletons haunt the houses like ghosts,
black birds are neatly stapled to posts,
spiders displayed in all shapes + size,
batteries make the odd prop to rise.
There are objects in windows + pirates galore,
scary heads propped on tables – much gore!
So much has changed that it’s funny to say,
what’s missing from all this Halloween display?
What don’t you see so much anymore?
A pumpkin all lit, by the front door!
What’s better? Who knows? Halloween is a treat –
a chance where fun + creativity meet.
If you can’t beat them, join them, is what they all say.
So we have, and made our own treat to display.
Visit + buy some Halloween fun, next time you are on your coffee run.
Our cookie is cute, with webbing so neat,
it is our take on a seasonal treat.
Happy Halloween!

Plate of Halloween Cookies

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September 23, 2015

The leaves are changing + so is our feature drink!

What a better day to re-introduce our Salted Caramel Bourbon Latte than the first day of fall! The leaves are changing, the weather is chilling – change is in the air. Some things are so good you need to bring them back + our limited edition Fall Favourite is available once more – Salted Caramel Bourbon Latte.

What makes the Salted Caramel Bourbon Latte so delicious? Bourbon infusion + sea salt + caramel all paired with our roasted espresso! Add perfectly steamed milk + you have great, amazing flavour!  Don’t believe us? Visit us at any one of our 10 locations + give one a try. But hurry, cause like all seasons….our feature drink will change!

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August 25, 2015

Enjoy These Last Summer Days

When the calendar is showing the end of August, all it takes is a rain drop or two, to remind us that September is fast approaching. Add the “back to school” commercials + a morning ride that has evolved into the morning rush + it becomes quite clear – Summer is nearly over!

Inevitably, the slow pace of summer can’t last forever + while we at Take Five Café can’t slow down time, we can make things easier for you. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to “Take Five” + treat yourself!

Our coffee drinks are crafted from locally roasted gourmet coffee beans + compliment our long list of house baked items. All panini + wraps are created from locally sourced ingredients + our meats are oven roasted in house. Add a decadent “dessert in a cup” frappini or a smoothie blended with 5 servings of fruit or veggies to the mix, + we think we have something for everyone. Do you want gluten free? We have it. Old fashioned oatmeal? New age quinoa? We have that too!

If you need a treat, visit one of our locations. You may not be able to slow down time, but you are able to slow things down in your day!

With 10 locations to serve you, we hope you find us in your neighbourhood.


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July 24, 2015


…and that’s what we are doing at Take Five Café! We are excited to announce that we have added a new location to our Take Five Café family! Located in the Canaccord Building at 609 Granville Street, our newest location is in the heart of downtown and the ever popular shopping district. It is a lively area full of restaurants, shops + of course, Pacific Centre Mall. With so much to do downtown, it’s definitely an area worth exploring! And we invite you to do that….with Take Five Coffee in hand, we hope! Come visit our new location and be part of the excitement.

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June 29, 2015

Perfect Picnic Planning

If you’ve ever planned a picnic you know that things can quickly get out of hand….A simple lunch can easily escalate. It’s the options that get in the way. You bring blankets AND chairs to provide a choice for seating. A simple deck of cards isn’t enough so your bring badminton + Frisbees so the family can pick + choose. Weather considerations get in the way, so sweaters, hats, sunscreens are added…..with a bottle of bug repellent, an umbrella and a tarp…just in case. And then there’s the food! Catering to every family member’s favourites – the different types of panini…one wants white bread and the other whole wheat. Your youngest prefers berries, while the others like melon. Some desserts just don’t travel well, while others need a fridge – so here come the coolers, the ice bags and the BBQ? Napkins, + more, are you tired yet?

It’s time to simplify. Grab a blanket and stop into your nearest Take Five Café. We have an assortment of wraps + panini on all kinds of breads. Salads are crisp, washed + ready! Our fruit cups have something in them for everyone; the desserts are sold as singles so every family member has a choice! There are lots of beverages to choose from + coffee concoctions can be taken to go! At Take Five Café we have everything you need for a stress free picnic – except the blanket! Find your nearest Take Five Café and enjoy dining al fresco today.

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May 26, 2015

Patio Seating: A Perfect Place to
Take Five!

One of the nice things about the Spring and Summer is that we get to be outdoors a little more! There is nothing better than enjoying a coffee break breathing the outdoor air, listening to the birds and perhaps, soaking up a bit of Vitamin D. Being trapped indoors isn’t always fun….although necessary, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle bustle of work and all of the deadlines  that need to be met. But what if there was another way?

Researchers have proven that even a 15 minute break….away from your desk, in another atmosphere will not only revitalize your senses, but make you accomplish more as well. Just like a vacation – 1 week away can sometimes feel as though you have had a 2 week break. Well, in the coffee break world, 15 minutes outdoors can feel like an hour!

Take Five Café is thinking of you. In fact, more than half our stores have patio seating ….just in time for the sun! Visit us at our new location in the BlueShore Building. We also have outdoor seating at our West Hastings, Brewery District, Granville, Surrey City Hall + Nicola locations. ..and with more sunny days ahead, we anticipate even more afternoon patio coffee breaks.
See you at Take Five – on the patio of course! For the best 15 minute break you’ll ever have.

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April 27, 2015

New Coffee Roasts at Take Five Café:
La Flor del Café + Finca Aquiares

At Take Five Café we’re pleased to introduce 2 new coffee roasts to help you Spring through the season!


Regions: Antigua
Countries of Origin: Guatemala
Roast Level: Dark Roast
Aroma: Slightly smoky notes with hints of cedar + dark chocolate
Acidity + Body: Nicely balanced
Flavour: Fruit + floral notes dominate this cup with a slight sweetness + dark chocolate finish


Countries of Origin: Costa Rica
Roast Level: Light Roast
Aroma: Honey with notes of spice + cinnamon
Acidity: Delicate
Body: Medium, well balanced
Flavour: Very sweet with notes of honey, brown sugar + cinnamon. Great balance and clean finish.

All our coffee beans are selected + roasted in small batches exclusively for Take Five Cafe. Coffee is roasted locally in a carbon-neutral facility in Delta, BC. This special “small batch” roasting process ensures a delicious taste profile you’re sure to enjoy.

If you love coffee as much as we do, come in for a visit and Take Five for yourself!

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February 24, 2015

Pink Cupcakes are waiting for you!

As we promised in January, our Pink Cupcakes are back! For the SIXTH consecutive year, Take Five Café is supporting the amazing Pink Shirt Day campaign.  Over the past five years we’ve made and delivered more than 7,200 cupcakes during the month of February and have donated just under $9,200! That’s a lot of cupcakes. And we can’t wait to make even more this year!

But we need you! Cupcakes are selling at all of our 8 Take Five Café locations. Or, if you would like to place a larger order for classrooms, business meetings or special events, you can order on-line on through our website or call our Catering Department directly: 604.697.9050. All proceeds will be donated to the CKNW Orphans’ Fund in support of Pink Shirt Day and anti-bullying programs across British Columbia. And we will be selling the delicious cupcakes until February 28th!

There are other ways to support Pink Shirt Day – a little something for everyone!

Check out this Clearly Contacts feature blog that highlights some of the way you can support Pink Shirt Day.

Together we can make a difference and stand up to bullying, at home, at school or at the workplace. Take Five Café is proud to support such an important cause and hope you will consider doing the same.

So what do you say? Sweet treat for a great cause….the cupcakes are calling!

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