Take Five Café Supports Local
Family Businesses

At Take Five Café, coffee is everything. What also goes along with this belief is that Family is Everything.

Our Take Five Café story started with two brothers, Steve and Dean Punzo, who both had a love for Italian inspired coffee and a drive to share this passion with the city of Vancouver. As our Take Five Café family grows, so too does our extended family. And we’re pleased to introduce the newest family focused addition to our Take Five Café Family – Birchwood Dairy.

Len and Grace Krahn founded Birchwood Dairy in 1964, the year they were married. They combined their passion and love for their land into a family-focused business. Raising livestock, opening a small country farm, and raising a family all combined into the creation of Birchwood Dairy. We are proud to announce a new partnership for our milk products with Birchwood Dairy.

Next time you visit Take Five Café, take a moment to reflect. While you sip your classic latte or your espresso macchiato, remember that the milk you’re enjoying is coming from a family farm in Abbotsford. We love supporting local family run businesses and are happy to include Birchwood Dairy in our Take Five Café family.

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