The Sapperton Community

With the opening of our ninth Take Five Café location in The Brewery District of New Westminster, we at Take Five Café are thrilled to join a new community. This is our first location in New Westminster; as such, we are always interested to know a bit more about the neighbourhood. In this case, we’re finding out facts about Sapperton.

Thanks to Archie and Dale Miller, of the Royal City Record, we now know that the Memories of Sapperton project has presented stories about the history of the neighbourhood, hosted a Sapperton Day, and all while conducting walking tours around the city. From local burger joints, interurban and streetcar stations, and the ‘Black Cat’ hardware store, there seems to be no shortage of community history in the Sapperton area. And we are thrilled that Take Five Café can now be a part of this dynamic community.

For a look at Archie and Dale’s full story, check out the Royal City Record online.

And if you’re in the Sapperton area of New West, stop by our Brewery District Location. We’d love to see you there.

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