Treat Yourself!

We all need a treat from time to time + sometimes it’s the treat that gets us through the day. Whether it’s a chocolate bar while working at a desk or an ice cream dessert on a hot summer day, a little indulgence goes a long way!  It’s no secret that treats help us feel better + it’s been proven that treats help reduce stress + boost our mood! We like this theory + we’re holding to it! Whether it’s a craving you can’t resist or an excuse to treat yourself to something delicious – we have a treat waiting for you!

Come in + try one of our chilled  Frappinis. Enjoy simple flavours like Vanilla, Caramel or Chocolate or take your treat to the next level + enjoy White Chocolate + Strawberry or Cookies N’ Cream – our take on a delicious creamy, chilled shake!  If you’re feeling a little indulgent today we’ve got you covered!

We say, life’s short, have dessert first!

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