Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas

Twas 2 weeks before Christmas + all in our midst,
Is the joy of the season mixed with fear of the “lists”.
The lights for the house sit by the front door,
The Christmas tree stands waiting for décor.
The mantle is cleared but no garlands in sight,
The stockings aren’t hung cause the hooks are not right!
The night to bake cookies seems to be on hold,
And the egg nog is sour cause it wasn’t kept cold.
And there’s no gifts to wrap cause they haven’t been bought
Although you are scrambling there’s less time than you thought!
When what to your wondering ears should you hear? Take Five’s solution to the lists of the year!

Don’t rush + don’t panic just don’t make it hard.
The lights for the house can be used in your yard,
A bauble or two will dress up your tree,
Glowing candles for the mantle is perfect – you’ll see!
The stockings can sit by the hearth near the wall,
As we make your list simple you’ll note, that’s not all!
Take Five has the cookies for sale – you’ll be thrilled!
And the egg nogs in lattes – which are hot + not chilled.
And the best tip of all if gift buying is hard?
Come visit Take Five for a simple Gift Card!
We can hear you exclaim + for good reason,
Merry Christmas to all! Your list is done for the season!

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