What’s in Your Lunch Box?

Years ago…..ok, maybe many, many years ago, there was the lunch box. These were metal boxes with carrying handles that had just enough room for the perfect sized lunch. Often there would be an image or pattern on this box – famous for its time, Snoopy + the Gang, the Archies or Looney Tunes characters were popular favourites. Children would often set these boxes on their side + pretend to watch TV…hey, this was before the hand held electronical things!

But it was what was in the box that is the topic here…and again; different generation – different times. Peanut butter + jelly sandwiches on squishy white bread…(definitely before the era of allergies!) An apple or other washed, sliced + diced piece of fruit. Home baked cookies, a tin of fruit juice or milk, maybe a few cut up carrot sticks + an old novelty for sure – a mini box of raisins! One or two boxes might contain a  twinkie…but it wasn’t the norm. The age of convenience hadn’t taken over!

Well, the age of convenience is here! And just in time! Somehow, life seems busier. It feels as though there are less hours in a day + less days in a week. Parents are rushed, stressed + strained. And with school around the corner  there’s even more to consider + plan! What can be thrown in the new insulated carry bags with mini ice containers that is quick, convenient + healthy!? There are some great tips below; however, if you’re in a hurry + need something convenient (+ healthy) , you can always visit us at Take Five Cafe! We carry healthy salads, fruit + veggies in convenient carrying containers for the quick grab + go!


Top tips for a healthy lunch

  • Use avocado as a spread instead of butter or margarine. When using avocado, mash or drizzle with a little lemon or lime juice to prevent the avocado from discolouring.
  • Use reduced fat dairy foods. Cheese and yogurt are ideal.
  • Kids need a serve of protein at lunchtime. Ensure you include lean meat, egg, chickpeas or tuna.
  • Make salads or salad sandwich fillings interesting by using a range of vegetables like grated carrot, lettuce, baby spinach, tomatoes, avocado + cucumber.
  • Use a vegetable peeler to slice cucumber into thin ribbons for sandwich fillings.
  • Freeze a chilled bottle of water + pop it in the lunch box to keep items chilled.
  • Always include fresh fruit and vegetables.  Vary the selection to keep it interesting. Peel + cut the fruit for convenience.
  • Offer a variety of whole grain breads, rolls, pita bread and flat breads.


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