Our Coffee

Our Coffee

You can just drink coffee. Or you can think coffee.

Making good coffee begins months before you walk into our store. Each batch of Arabica beans is tested to make sure it’s good enough for Take Five.

Our Master Roaster goes looking for the right beans from origin mills around the world. Only those that pass the test are roasted in small batches. Each batch is roasted to the Taste Profile created by our Sommelier- a balance of the 1500 chemical substances found in good coffee.

In other words, we’re dealing with Coffee Chemistry. Our coffee is clever stuff.

What we recognize as ‘coffee flavour’ is produced by the aroma, rather than the taste. The tongue can only register sweet and bitter. So sensory enjoyment of great coffee comes from the nose. Twenty-five volatile compounds – in concentrations as small as a few parts per trillion – create the delicate perfume of really, really good coffee.

If you love coffee as much as we do, come and join the Take Five Family. Perhaps you should think about a career at Take Five. Or open a franchise.

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