Five a Day the Easy Way

No doubt you have read, heard and learned that 5 servings of fruit + veggies per day is a healthy requirement. It’s not only a source of vitamins + minerals, but it wards off fatigue, illness, helps digestion, boosts your immunity + more.

But in this all too hectic world, who has time to calculate + prepare these 5 servings? All the washing, peeling, slicing + dicing seem like a job on its own. Sure, there are easy tips to follow: a glass of unsweetened fruit juice at breakfast, veggies + dip with your lunch, a salad at dinner or an apple to munch on during the day. But is there a better, easier way?

At Take Five Café we offer 5 a day the easy way! Try one of our delicious fruit or fruit + veggie smoothies. Each 20oz serving contains 5 servings of each depending on your flavour preference. Grab one to go in the morning before work – a quick, nutritious breakfast… or opt for one in the afternoon as a “snack”. No matter what your schedule, there are 5 servings waiting for you! No washing, peeling, slicing or dicing required!

Fruit + Veggie Smoothies

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